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Use Customized Glass and Mirrors in Your Restaurant Bathroom

Restaurant's Bathroom
Restaurant patrons' opinions continue to be formed even when they're in the bathroom. They base their opinion on more than the cleanliness. The overall design of the bathroom will create an impression that sticks to their opinion of your brand.
Glass and mirrors feature heavily in any bathroom design. Use custom glass and mirrors to promote your restaurant's brand even in the bathroom.
Imprint Your Logo on Mirrors or Glass
Perhaps the most obvious method for promoting your restaurant's brand in the bathroom is with strategic placement of your logo. In this case, you might consider ordering an oversized mirror with your logo imprinted discreetly across the top. You can also have your logo imprinted onto glass and hang it up as an art installation.
Protect Decorative Paint With Customized Glass
One of the new trends in restaurant design is to create wow factor in the bathroom. Patrons are more likely to remember your restaurant if something like the bathroom caught their attention.
One way you can achieve a stunning bathroom is with decorative paint. For example, consider having your logo painted onto the wall. Conversely, you can have a mural painted onto your wall, or you could try something more abstract. The key is to set the artwork apart by protecting the paint with glass. The glass serves as a deconstructed frame for your artwork.
Design Vanity Mirrors and Lighting Together
While customers aren't going to engage in as much grooming in a restaurant bathroom as they do at home, they still like to check their reflection and perhaps primp. Naturally, they need decent lighting to that end. Design your above-sink mirrors to work with task lighting. Generally, sidelights are more flattering than illumination from above.
Choose your lights first and your mirrors second. To create a sense of connection between the lights and the mirror, repeat an element. For instance, you can echo the shape of a wall sconce in the mirror.
Choose Mirror Frames
Many restaurants feature unframed mirrors, which is fine for a contemporary aesthetic. However, if you want to add old-world glam to your restaurant bathroom, choose framed mirrors. These frames can be ornate and even gilded to promote that sense of glamorous luxury. That said, a modern bathroom would look stunning with minimalist metal frames around the mirrors.
Reflect Artwork With a Mirror
A classic method for using mirrors to create beauty is to place them so they reflect something specific, in this case artwork. Because the scale of a restaurant bathroom is bigger than in a home, you can get creative with the design.
For example, start with an oversized picture. Then place a decorative mirror so that it only reflects part of the picture, thus creating a new way of looking at that artwork. Conversely, use a distorted mirror, such as one customized with curves. The interplay of the mirror's distortion and the artwork will create a memorable display.
Add Backlighting to a Glass Installation
You can also create your own version of artwork with glass and lighting. In this case, choose one of the semi-opaque glass options, such as frosted or smoked. Have the glass specialists cut it into a geometric shape. Your contractors should install it to a wall with backlighting that shines like a halo around the custom-cut glass. Such an installation is a definite talking point - or selfie point.
Create a positive impression in your restaurant patrons' minds by designing a memorable bathroom. Our specialists at Nor Sac Glass Company can help you use customized glass and mirrors to promote your restaurant brand. Contact us today for a free estimate.