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Beautiful Ideas for Non-Opening Windows

Houses often feature windows that don't open for a variety of reasons. They may be near other windows that do open, or they could be located in a spot where opening is unfeasible. The main purpose of non-opening windows is to let more light in. However, you can make your non-opening windows a design focal point in your home by changing the glass or otherwise updating them.

Modern Style

Glass is a preferred material for modern architecture because it's manufactured and features a sleek profile. For this reason, many modern homes feature extensive amounts of windows.

If you want a more contemporary look for your home, you can give your windows a modern makeover by changing them out. The best frame material for this makeover is metal because it's another characteristic material for modern design. To keep the look sleek, your modern windows shouldn't feature any panes within the expanse of glass.

Another way to modernize your windows is to choose a customized color for the metal frames. Black is elegant, but brightly-colored frames can add a touch of whimsy.

Stained Glass

On the other end of the spectrum, consider going traditional with stained glass. These windows still let in light while offering some privacy. As a bonus, the light that's let in features brilliant colors from the glass staining. Stained glass windows range in style from historical to modern, and you can order custom designs as well.

Leaded Glass

Leaded glass is similar to stained glass in that the panes feature a pattern. In fact, the terms stained glass and leaded glass are sometimes used interchangeably. However, a big difference between them is that leaded glass typically doesn't feature any coloration - all the patterning comes from multiple glass panes that have been cut and joined decoratively.

Leaded glass, also called came glasswork because of the process by which it is made, is ideal for traditional and historical homes. These windows don't offer as much privacy as do stained glass windows. However, leaded glass can be an elegant installation anywhere privacy isn't a concern.

Patterned Glass

Somewhere in between stained and leaded glass is patterned glass. During production, manufacturers pour the molten glass over a mold to create patterns in the surface. The glass is still transparent, though the patterning offers some level of privacy. Patterned glass comes in styles ranging from geometric patterns to pictorial images.

Glass Blocks

If privacy is important to you, another option is to have glass blocks installed. You could select a preassembled glass block panel. These panels come in a variety of sizes that can fit most standard window openings. What's more, they're weather-tight but require little maintenance. They're also thicker, and so sturdier, than traditional glass panes.

Glass blocks can also come as, well, blocks or bricks. If you keep the blocks separate, you can design your own pattern for the window installation. The blocks and bricks come in different sizes, so you can even create a mosaic effect with enough space.

Changed Shape

If you don't mind committing to a slightly more involved remodel, consider changing the shape of your nonopening windows. Non-opening windows are typically either square or rectangular. However, a new shape can add some visual interest.

If the non-opening windows are transom, meaning above a door or another window, consider a semicircular or half-fan shape. The arch at the top lends an air of elegance. If the window is standalone, a porthole or octagonal window would make a creative replacement.

Any window is an advantage in your home. Make over your non-opening windows so they also add visual interest. Call Nor Sac Glass Company for help with any of your custom window needs.